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Lillian Hope

From the moment I could walk I was dancing, from the moment I could talk I was singing and from the moment I realised the beauty in theatre I was an acting fanatic. So basically I have spent my whole life dedicated to the performing arts, living and breathing it.
I am currently studying theatre and performance at USC and am absolutely loving it. Finally I have found a path of study that actually has everything I need to become the best version of whatever I choose to be!
Along with my enormous passion for the performing arts, I have a huge love of travel. Whilst I am based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia, I see myself in places like NYC and London doing big productions on Broadway and in West End.
Since I was a little girl my dream role has always been Galinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, but these days something more fierce and scary really takes my interest. I think the main reason for this is because I am such a bright and bubbly person, so that type of role pushes my boundaries and challenges me.
At the end of the day, I am just a freelance, passionate, fun-loving theatre kid that has a massive dream and these are the first steps to making that dream come true.

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My World, My Work

Since I was young I have always been busy. I have extensive background in dance where I trained at Kristine Ditchfield's School of Dance for 14 years. I completed 10 ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance, I received nothing lower than a Merit for these. This is also the school that I started singing at the age of 9 and where I discovered my love for on stage performance. I then did 5 short courses with NIDA in Brisbane on weekends. It wasn’t until a few years later, when I was scrolling through Facebook that I found the Sunshine Coast Actors Collective. This group of people helped me to become the onscreen actor that I am today.

I started working when I turned 15 at Nitrogenie Noosa, where I worked my way up the ranks from casual employee to fulltime manager by the age of 17. I loved every moment of it. However, Nitrogenie shut down just before my 18th birthday leaving me without a job. I am very lucky though, because within 4 days I found another 2 jobs where I am still currently working. I am at Flashpackers Noosa and Boost Juice Noosa. They have both given me the gift of being able to save to explore this beautiful world we live in. I am a Junior Manager at Flashpackers and a Senior Staff member at Boost Juice. Throughout my employment years I have also been lucky enough to do a bit of volunteering. I have helped out at my local op shop as part of my certificate of volunteering in high school and also been able to go and sing in some of the nursing homes around my area and in Caboolture with my Aunty. Along with this I have worked many market stalls for charities such as Karejar Womens fellowship and the Gympie Churches of Christ.


"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams"

Oprah Winfrey



What They’re Saying

“From our first meeting, Lilli showed herself to be a “girl in a million.” Clever, intuitive, astute & polite, her drive and intensity is second to none. Perhaps, however, the best part of Lilli is her enthusiasm & optimism for life and all that she comes into contact with. She is definitely a “keeper!”

Johanna Redwood

Flashpackers Noosa

"Lillian is an exciting emerging artist who shows great dynamism and intelligence.  Within the Physical Theatre course at USC,  Lillian has shown a flair for poetic and powerful movement. She is a strong team player and works well to support and inspire her peers."

Jo Loth

"There is no mistaking Lillian, the beautiful girl, who has the biggest smile on her face, dance in her stride and song in her voice.  Lillian will make your day and give you that little bit extra that you won’t ever forget the fantastic customer service experience!"

Karen Cranney

Boost Juice Noosa






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